Cameras & M3 Privacy Policy 

                                How we protect your privacy ?

                                How we protect your privacy when you use our services and cameras & M³ products, in Mobility domain.

                                Macq SA and Macq France offer many services to help you manage mobility,and traffic security in cities, regions or countries. As part of running those services we collect data about you and citizens. This data is not only essential to run services and products, but also critical for the safety, security and mobility of road networks.

                                This policy explains what information is collected, why it is collected, and how we use it.

                                1.  Information we collect ?

                                When you use a smart camera provided by macq.  Our cameras are protected to reduce the risk of data breaches.  Regularly, the requirement related to information security are updated and are implemented in our products : Login/Password, Securised Protocol, Logfile, Encryption of control speed picture, Webservice with automatical logout, ... Our smart cameras according to their configuration will transmit to the central center the following informations : Licence plate, ADR plate , Make and Model, Color, Picture, Classification, instantaneous speed of vehicles, timestamp, localisation, events, alerts, alarms. 

                                When you use a M³ server (independently of the selected configuration : single or cluster server with or without redundancy) on your premises or in the cloud with the collaboration of a hosting company, any information or content you submit or upload into your database is your own, and you control it completely.
                                This data will often include personal information such list of M³ users  and other personal identifiable information related to vehicles such as Picture, Plate, Make & Model, Travel time, Videos, etc. We only collect this information on your behalf, and you always retain ownership and have full control on this data.

                                2. How we use this information ?

                                Our Helpdesk staff and engineers may access this information in a limited and reasonable manner in order to solve any issue with our services, or at your explicit request for support reasons,

                                Accessing, Updating or Deleting any Personal Identifiable information

                                M³ Database:You can manage any data collected in your databases hosted on M³ at any time, using your administration rigths, including modifying or deleting any personal data stored therein.
                                At any time you can backup a part of your database in order to transfer it, or to manage your own backups/archive. You are responsible for processing this data in compliance with all privacy regulations.
                                You may also request the deletion of your entire database, at any time.

                                See also Data Retention (point 5)


                                We realize how important and sensitive your personal data is, and we take a great number of measures to ensure that this information is securely processed, stored and preserved from data loss and unauthorized access. Our technical, administrative and organizational security measures are described in details in our Information Security Management System.  We are involved in ISO27001 certification process with the Certi-Trust company.

                                4.Third Party Service Providers / Subprocessors

                                In order to support our operations we rely on several Service Providers. They help us with various services such as payment processing, web audience analysis, cloud hosting, marketing and communication, etc.

                                Whenever we share data with these Service Providers, we make sure that they use it in compliance with Data Protection legislation, and that the processing they carry out for us is limited to our specific purpose and covered by a specific data processing contract.

                                5.Data Retention ?

                                Smart cameras: All the data collected by the camera are recorder locally before to be sent to the central system.  The camera is able to keep the data up to 7 days when the communication with central system is not working. 

                                M³ Database: we will only retain this data as long as necessary for providing the services you subscribed to. The Personal Identifiable Information related to traffic data will be automatically deleted in the M³ database at the end of the retention period, in respect with the local legislation.  Typically after one week, one month, one year according to the type of data.  Only anonimized information and stastistics will be kept longer in the M³ database.

                                6.Third Party Disclosure

                                Except as explicitly mentioned above, we do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personal data to third parties. We may share or disclose aggregated or de-identified information, for research purposes, or to discuss trends or statistics with third-parties.


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                                Cookies are also used to help us understand your preferences based on previous or current activity on our website (the pages you have visited), your language and country, which enables us to provide you with improved services.

                                We also use third-party services such as Google Analytics, who set and use their own cookies to identify visitors and provide their own contextual services.

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                                8.Policy Updates

                                We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, in order to clarify it, to reflect any changes to our website, or to comply with legal obligations.

                                9.Contacting Us

                                If you have are any question regarding this Privacy Policy, or any enquiry about your personal data policy,please contact us via email or by post:

                                Macq SA/NV – Data Protection
                                2, rue de l’Aéronef
                                1140 Brussels