Monthly Personal Evaluation (Support)

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30' Personal Evaluation

How do you score your personal performances?

How is the overall well being of your team?
Your personal coaching skills?
How are the performances of the support team as a 'profit center'?
Are you satisfied of the 24/7 support performance of your team?
Are all the processes and flows integrated in Odoo?
Client satisfaction?
Reducing the number of tickets.
Technical/marketing material available for salesteam and partner netwerk.
Status 'Partner Training Program'?
Status 'Install and Automatic update' procedures by Integration team?
Certification processes on track?
Performance of the M3 demo platform for sales and partnernetwork?
Do you like your job?

How will you spend your '10% timeslot

How will you spend your '10% timeslot'?

Personal feedback

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