Deliver better traffic management by knowing the number and speed of vehicles on your roads* at any time

Traffic delays caused by congestion and road accidents are time consuming, frustrating and expensive to fix. Discover new ways to draw data-driven insights for smarter strategic and operational decision making in traffic management. Base your decisions on accurate information rather than assumptions. 
The Traffic Intensity Map enables you to check the current traffic intensity detected by the ANPR cameras on road segments in your region. Use the powerful data-processing engine behind the map to visualise historical traffic on any segment at any hour of the day, for the time period of your choice. Filter historical traffic data for specific days and hours by clicking in the calendar and in the charts. 

  • View real-time or historic traffic intensity and speed data on a dynamic interactive map

  • Explore charts displaying data from the maps to analyse the whole map or selected road segments

  • Analyse patterns in traffic data to understand conditions on specific date ranges, days and hours

  • Make smarter decisions based on historic and real-time insights

* on road segments covered by our ANPR cameras (see all our intelligent cameras and the M3 Mobility Software)