Mobility Solutions

We simplify the process of decision making with data and insights.

Ensuring safe and smooth mobility in a specific area requires continuous vigilance and information gathering from public authorities. A Smart City needs to centralize data in real-time to provide insights that enhances the comprehension of all situations for the police, government or municipality directorates and enables to make better decisions.

Our contribution

The Macq solution significantly enhances efficiency in gathering, transmitting, and analyzing data related to mobility. QCAM cameras and QSense sensors transmit real-time data to the Macq Mobility Manager (M³) platform, providing immediate access through a unified interface for swift and informed decision-making.

This enables decision-makers to use accurate and tangible data for visualization, organization, and comprehensive management of mobility aspects within their jurisdiction. Additionally, Macq's provision of multifunctional smart cameras allows them to address multiple challenges simultaneously, leading to noticeable cost rationalization benefits in equipment.

The players involved

  • Local and urban authorities
  • Mobility, Roads and Parking departments
  • Local police departments
  • Public and private transport operators

The main benefits

Centralized information
Decision support for mobility projects
Evaluate the impact of a mobility management policy
Evaluation of the impact of speed control zones
Better knowledge of the territory
Easy identification of dense traffic areas and road junctions
Statistical data and simplified reports to facilitate descision-making
Lower costs: fewer cameras for more data
Greater efficiency: no need for continuous viewing
Enhancement of alternative modes
Rapid identification of areas of high pollution and/or noise

Our key points

End-to-end control of solution implementation

A long-standing company with over 100 years of know-how

A modular, easy-to-implement platform

High-performance, easy-to-use, multifunctional sensors and cameras

Constantly evolving technologies

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