Make your city attractive, reduce your traffic.

Community vitality hinges on efficient transportation coordination, managing traffic and mobility better. Our dedication to this vision ensures exceptional service by constant analysis and optimization, exemplified in the Smart City. Reduce mobility issues and make your city more attractive.

Our contribution

Macq introduces a unified platform, the Macq Mobility Manager (M³), that harnesses the potential of visualization.

This highly adaptable and advanced solution allows for seamless customization according to the unique requirements of each region and the teams managing traffic organization.

Drawing on technical proficiency, Macq empowers local public managers with their well-established competence in installing sensors and cameras. This enables precise data collection and analysis, shedding light on various decision-making aspects.

The players involved

The complete involvement of the community is essential in realizing the concept of a Smart City. Efforts should be made to streamline and integrate various elements to guarantee optimal mobility for all parties involved. 

These include:

  • Residents and Tourists
  • Business companies
  • Local and Urban Authorities
  • Public and Private Transport Operators

The main benefits

Reduces traffic congestions

Enhanced use of alternative transport

Optimized user experience

Better understanding of the environment

Reduced pollution

Acting on reliable information

Improved attractiveness of the region

Our key points

 End-to end control of solution implementation

 A long-standing company with over 100 years of know-how

 A modular, easy-to-implement platform

 High-performance, easy-to-use, multifunctional cameras

 Constantly evolving technologies

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