Effecting positively both, speeding behavior and the number of crashes, by measuring the vehicle speed at a single point or over a defined road section

Spot speed solutions measure the vehicle's speed at a single point. There are several different technologies which can be used: radar, laser, IR, video analytics, intrusive devices (inductive loops, piezoelectric tubes, magnetic detector, ...). At Macq we use two technologies, radar and video analytics.

Average speed solutions, also called section control, reduce the number of speed offenders efficiently. This technique is relatively new and measures the vehicle's average speed over a road section of few kilometers. The vehicle is identified 2 times, when entering and leaving the enforcement section. The system records vehicles' license plates at each fixed camera site. As the distance is known between these sites, the average speed can be calculated by dividing this by the time taken to travel between two points. The system of average speed measurements over a longer distance is perceived to be more ‘honest’ than a spot speed trap (radar + camera).