ANPR Camera G3 Average Speed

For setting up Average Speed monitoring with our homologated ANPR Road Camera: CAM G3 AS.        Scan traffic at up to 250 km/h on 2 lanes. 


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High Accuracy
High ANPR & classification accuracy with 1.3 MP resolution

Monitoring up to 2 lanes
ANPR up to 2 lanes at speeds of 250 km/h (speed) & 50m (distance)
High Energy Efficiency
Only 15W (incl. IR LED flash)

High Quality & Flexibility
Customization realizable, as 100% in-house product development
Every camera used to issue fines must first be officially homologated. This ensures that each camera in use is functioning correctly and is measuring within the defined tolerance. The background to this is to prevent drivers from being fined on the basis of false facts.

The G3 Average Speed camera is the perfect solution for creating a average speed control system and therefore detecting the average speed of all bypassing vehicles. It combines high-end ANPR technology together with advanced time management technology for detecting the average travel time of every vehicle. The solution is currently already homologated and implemented in multiple countries.

Plate reading works up to 2 lanes, up to 250 km/h.



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