Mobility Solutions

Increase your Police efficiency, surveillance capabilities and security in your city.

Enhance your city's Police efficiency, global security & reduce crimes rates thanks to intelligent camera systems and speed control. The safety of drivers in the face of reprehensible faults requires authorities attention. With Smart City surveillance technologies, your law enforcement forces can prevent and punish dangerous behaviours.

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Our contribution

The Macq solution significantly improves efficiency in collecting, transmitting, and analyzing mobility-related data, even allowing for sophisticated identification of inappropriate behavior. Real-time data from QCAM cameras and QSense sensors is seamlessly integrated into the Macq Mobility Manager (M³) platform, enabling local authorities to swiftly access reliable information.

This system allows law enforcement teams to focus on their primary responsibilities of monitoring, managing, and securing modes of travel without the need for continuous camera monitoring.

Additionally, the QCAM-App mobile application, available offline as well, empowers mobile teams to easily scan vehicle license plates and access critical information.

The players involved

  • Local Police departments
  • Patrol agents in public areas
  • Local and Urban Authorities 

Features to increase police efficiency

Macq offers high-quality functionalities and technologies to support the police and provide them with the most effective means of carrying out their mission.

Centralized information

Real-time alert system for dangerous situations

Optimized law enforcement

Enhanced road safety

Statistical data and reports to facilitate decision-making

 Help in implementing a mobility management policy

Time and productivity savings: people receive reliable information

Evaluation of the impact of speed control zones

 Increase in the number of fines

Deterring risky/dangerous driving

Improved comfort for drivers

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The main benefits 

Section and instantaneous  speed control
Detection of dangerous situations, risky driving
Detection and image recording for infractions (Seatbelt & Phone Detection)
Vehicle management and surveillance with access to specific areas, permanently or by time slots
Automatic vehicle tracking
Management and control of parking areas
Blacklist and vehicle search
Make and model detection of a vehicle

Our key points

End-to-end control of solution implementation

A long-standing company with over 100 years of know-how

A modular, easy-to-implement platform

High-performance, easy-to-use, multifunctional sensors and cameras

Constantly evolving technologies

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