Mobility Insights & Data

​Gain Clarity, Drive Mobility Decisions: Traffic monitoring and analytics for Informed Action

Ensuring smart, safe, smooth and sustainable mobility demands continuous vigilance and data gathering. Macq provides smart sensors, traffic models and visualisations tools for real-time traffic monitoring and insightful analysis, facilitating informed decisions. 

Challenges you may have:

Measure the impact

of your decisions

Assess changes in traffic objectively by comparing temporal and spatial data, facilitating informed decision-making for optimized traffic management.


Understand your

Mobility ecosystem

Unlock valuable insights and make informed decisions through real-time traffic monitoring and in-depth analysis.


Monitor the use of

your Car Parks

Manage your parking facilities efficiently by monitoring the occupancy, parking duration, sensor status, and revenue generation.


Improve your traffic flow & road safety

Create more liveable, accessible and safe environments, by tackling cut-through traffic and managing your traffic in real-time, based on the mobility insights our tools provide.


​Macq's features for data & decision making

Vehicle Counting, Tracking & Classification

Access Control
in restricted zones or near Schools

Real-time data collection, transmission & analysis

 Origin Destination to analyse recurring travel patterns

Vehicle Search Query to find a car based on a make or colour 

Blacklist to search for a known wanted vehicle instantly

Spot Speed Control, secure a located point

Section Control, secure a section of road

Secure road intersections with Red Light

Traffic Density & Accidents Maps


Mobility Data Prediction

Our contribution

The Macq solution significantly enhances efficiency in gathering, transmitting, and analyzing data related to mobility. QCAM cameras and QSense sensors transmit real-time data to the Macq Mobility Manager (M³) platform, providing immediate access through a unified interface for swift and informed decision-making.

This enables decision-makers to use accurate and tangible data for visualization, organization, and comprehensive management of mobility aspects within their jurisdiction. Additionally, Macq's provision of multifunctional smart cameras allows them to address multiple challenges simultaneously, leading to noticeable cost rationalization benefits in equipment.

The players involved

  • Local and urban authorities
  • Mobility, Roads and Parking departments
  • Local police departments
  • Public and private transport operators

Our key points

End-to-end control of solution implementation

A long-standing company with over 100 years of know-how

A modular, easy-to-implement platform

High-performance, easy-to-use, multifunctional sensors and cameras

Constantly evolving technologies

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