Securing road intersections through non-invasive, image analytical solution.

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Local law enforcement

Red light solution detects vehicles that pass the traffic light when it's red. The result of this solution is a list of potential red light violators, including:

  • Speed of the vehicle

  • Image before and after the red light, or a video

  • Red light status on each image

  • Orange light duration before red light

The hardware set-up requires the exact status and timing of the traffic light to be able to unambiguously determine the violation. This is possible either via a hard-wired signal from the controller or thanks to the appropriate location of the camera, from where it can see the traffic light status. Furthermore, a virtual loop, or also called ROI (region of interest), is predefined within the camera. If the vehicle is in this monitored ROI within a predetermined time window after initiating the red light, it is possible to speak of a potential offender.

In general, there are two options to monitor the red light location: from the front or from the back. Both options are possible, but each requires different hardware setups.




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For the Red Light application we advise the use of our QCAM7. Click the button below to get all the information you need.

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