The impact of COVID-19 on Brussels traffic

In the context of an industrial PhD project sponsored by Innoviris, Macq is working together with the EluciDATA Lab of Sirris and VUB to contribute to better traffic management solutions for the city of Brussels. To this end, the aim is to develop an advanced trend analytics engine that facilitates understanding traffic situations in an accurate and situation-aware way.

In January 2020, the researchers of the EluciDATa Lab started gathering publicly available data captured by Brussels Mobility at 55 locations in the city, without having the slightest suspicion that the escalation of the corona epidemic will deliver interesting data to analyse.

The lockdown measures introduced on 13/03 imposed serious restrictions on the traffic in Brussels, permitting only limited commuting. In this way, the observed traffic after the introduction of the measures can be considered as an opportunity to derive some characteristic blueprints of the traffic in Brussels.

You can find the entire article back here. The most important conclusions can also be found back in this article.” 

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