INNOVATION LAB - Shaping the future of Mobility for the next century 09/06/2023

After an absence of 3 years, we're back with another edition of our well-known Innovation Lab!

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WEBINAR - Our all new QCAM-APP!

Imagine a smart phone that can be ued to get to know the number plate, the country, the make & model, the color of the car in real-time!

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WEBINAR - Traffic Interpolation

What happens on the roads where we do not have any sensors at all? Find an answer on this important question during our webinar!

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WEBINAR & DEMO - Our entire QCAM-series

Get to know eveything about our entire QCAM-series!

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DEMO - QCAM5 (Only in Dutch - NL)

Get to know eveything about our newest State of the Art Traffic Sensor!

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WEBINAR - Free Flow Tolling

Free Flow Tolling is becoming more and more important to reduce the amount of congestions on our roads.

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WEBINAR - Our Local M³ (Only in Dutch - NL)

In this webinar we explain the possibilities of our newest back-office for local police zones. Warning: Dutch-speaking webinar!

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WEBINAR - Our Mobility Portal in the City of Namur

How much more efficient would you get around in the city when you know every detail of the current traffic situation and available public transport? That's right, a lot more efficient ofcourse!

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WEBINAR - TaaS - Trajectcontrole-as-a-service (Only in Dutch - NL)

Increase road safety in zone 50-30 and create at the same time additional financial resources as a municipality.

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WEBINAR - ADR - Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Ensure the highest level of safety in tunnels & be able to monitor the number of vehicles carrying dangerous goods in realtime.

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WEBINAR - Our School Safety System

Let's minimize the risk of accidents around school drastically. Together we can provide the highest protection for our children. 

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WEBINAR - Low Emission Zones

We will cover all aspects of Low Emission Zones and how to reduce pollution levels in your city. Make your city greener & it's communities healthier.

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WEBINAR - Our MAS/GAS fining solution

How to handle stealth traffic & speed checks by using ANPR-cameras. Dutch speaking webinar, English will come soon.

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WEBINAR - Our QCAM5 & Railway Crossing Solution

A talk about our all new Smart Mobility Camera with as an example our railway crossing protection solution.

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