About Macq.

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        We  help make the world a safer & healthier place

        At Macq, our purpose is to make the world a safer place for the estimated 7.8 billion people who call it home. We believe in the transformative power of innovative mobility solutions to connect and drive economic growth for this diverse global community. 

        As a leader in the industry, we are committed to promoting safety and security with over 1.3 billion vehicles on the road. We take our responsibility seriously and work to address the root causes of insecurity by implementing safety regulations and creating solutions that benefit everyone.


        Macq exists exactly 100 years in 2023. 


        Since it's foundation in 1923, the company had been lead by 3 generations of the Macq family.


        Year where we started developing ANPR products. 


        Employees, mainly software & hardware developers.

        Our ambition is our driver

        The global market of ANPR and AI based cameras for Smart Mobility purposes is growing rapidly and we expect that within 4 years the market volume will at least double in size. Our ambition is to ensure our leading position in the Belgian ITS & Smart Mobility market and to become a reliable, valued, and preferred business partner not only in Europe, but worldwide

        To achieve this, we will focus on both, establishing mutually rewarding international partnerships and building new compelling and outstanding solutions for our key customers. That's why research & development represents 30% of our sales revenue! Macq continually pushes its products & services into the realm of the unknown, the untried, or the highly desirable. Unique to MACQ is that we consistently strive to provide the ITS & Smart Mobility market with leading-edge products. Join us in our journey to revolutionize mobility and make it easier and healthier for everyone.

        We put mobility in motion thanks to intelligent road solutions

        At Macq, we bring a 100-years of expertise and knowledge in mobility to the table, honed by our understanding of the specific needs of each country. Our history and understanding of the industry allow us to provide customized solutions that address the challenges of each market, resulting in a strong presence in multiple countries worldwide, especially in Europe where our headquarters is based in Belgium. We are dedicated to constantly improving mobility through innovative solutions and pushing boundaries in the transportation industry. Our innovative spirit, combined with our extensive experience and strong partnerships, make us a leading and game-changing company in the field.

        As a Belgian family-run company, we have the advantage of in-house software and hardware development, enabling us to easily adapt to our customers' requirements. We focus on both, building outstanding solutions and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships. Our goal is to continuously seek new and better ways to improve road safety and security, minimize disruption, and enhance quality of life, health, and the environment. Our intelligent road solutions support policymakers in protecting citizens and promoting sustainable transportation options. With 100 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges of each market and provide customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

          — François Macq, CEO of Macq

        A family history of already three generations