2023 - Celebrating a century!

Macq was founded 100 years ago

In 2023, we are celebrating every day of the year!

Macq was founded in 1923 by Clément Macq, exactly 100 years ago!
We are so grateful for the path we have walked the passed few years, for all our employees, partners and everyone who helped us to get where we are today!

Did you know the lifecycle of the average business has shrunk to between 12-15 years?

We believe that the secret to our long-lasting lifespan lies in the way we run this family-oriented business. First of all, Macq is a family-run company, something we like to carry out in the way we communicate with each other in the company. 

Besides bein family-oriented, the secret to our success also lies in our company values.

1. Game Changers

At Macq, we are focused on innovation, growth, and taking risks in order to achieve success. We are willing to try new things and to challenge the status quo in order to find new opportunities and to create value. 

As true game changers, we like to take risks and look ahead - we believe that this is the only way to make fundamental changes that are adapted to the needs of the market. 

2. Perseverance

Perseverance for Macq is that we'll do anything to achieve our goals and objectives despite all challenges or obstacles we might face. Along the way we might face some setbacks but in order to achieve growth, you have to fall. It's the only way to learn and to become even better in what we do. 

So at Macq we don't give up that easily. We strive and fight to achieve our goals in the end. 

3. Agility

At Macq we have the ability to move quickly and efficiently, and to change direction or course of action without losing balance or control. We like to adapt to changing circumstances & new challenges as quick as we can. All that needs to be done to complete a process or task. 

We like to carry out these values throughout the entire company, in our overall way of working.

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