François Macq at the Interparliamentary Conference on Urban Policies in the European Union
15 February, 2024 by
François Macq at the Interparliamentary Conference on Urban Policies in the European Union

In a pivotal event held at the heart of the Belgian Presidency of the European Union, our CEO, François Macq, played a role in shaping the discussions at the Interparliamentary Conference on Urban Policies on January 21-22 in Brussels.

Urban Mobility Issues Session: A Collaborative Endeavor
François Macq had the privilege of contributing to the "Urban Mobility Issues" session, sharing the platform with distinguished speakers, including Mrs. Anne-Charlotte d'Ursel, President of the Mobility Committee of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region, Mr. Kris Vanherle from the University of Leuven's Transport and Mobility Centre, and Mr. Bruno Clerbaux, co-founder of Architecs in Brussels and For Urban Passion. Alongside them was François Macq, the Managing Director of Macq.

The Significance of Traffic Data Generation
In his insightful address, François Macq underscored the important role of traffic data generation in the realm of urban mobility. He emphasized the need for robust data to not only measure and analyze mobility patterns but also to implement effective measures. François Macq particularly highlighted the importance of concurrently measuring feedback on previous mobility decisions, advocating for a data-driven approach to decision-making.

Navigating the Interconnected Landscape: Mobility, Road Safety, and the Environment
The discussion at the conference delved into the intricate relationship between mobility, road safety, and the environment. François Macq described this complex relationship succinctly: Improving one aspect positively influences the others. This holistic perspective underscores the need for comprehensive solutions that address the interconnected challenges of urban living.

Collaborative Solutions for Enhanced Mobility and Security
As the conference concluded, François Macq emphasized the imperative of collaborative efforts from all stakeholders involved in mobility. Municipalities, Local Police, Federal Police, cities, and regions must unite to achieve remarkable results in the realms of mobility and security. Macq is a firm believer that by removing limitations and fostering collective action, these institutions can progress and enter in a new era of enhanced urban mobility.

In summary, the Interparliamentary Conference on Urban Policies served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, providing valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in matters of urban mobility. François Macq's contributions reinforced the importance of data-driven decision-making and collaborative action for a more sustainable and secure urban future.