Good news in our Business Unit 'Mobility'!
10 April, 2024 by
Good news in our Business Unit 'Mobility'!

Good news in our Mobility Business Unit! We are proud to announce you that our new Business Unit Manager Mathy De Backer is improving Macq Mobility & City services since his arrival, he shares these words with you: "Our mission: create safer, smoother, and more sustainable cities and roads.

With our smart cameras, advanced software, and data analytics, we provide the essential tools to both monitor and manage your traffic problems. Together with our partners, we cultivate a deeper understanding of mobility dynamics, safeguard restricted traffic zones, streamline parking management, and effectively communicate with road users, improving road safety and traffic flow."

we are also pleased to announce that the Data Science team within the Mobility BU has released new state-of-the-art technology services which are both high-performance & automated. This team is dedicated to developing the most innovative technologies using Data & AI. to support decision-making and mobility optimization with detailed traffic analytics.

Macq is increasingly developing its next-generation services, and you can find out more now by contacting Mathy directly, he will be delighted to tell you more about our latest products and services:

  • by email:
  • by phone:  +32 (0) 494 074 534