Macq & InTouch join forces
Automatic MAS enforcement & monitoring
4 August, 2020 by
Macq & InTouch join forces
MACQ S.A./N.V., MACQ Jean-Baptiste

In Belgium, cities and municipalities can issue MAS fines (Municipal Administrative Sanction) for breaches of their municipal regulations.

Since the proceeds of these fines go entirely to the cities & municipalities, it is therefore important that the entire follow-up of this process is taken care of in-house.

Our smart cameras are omnipresent in Belgium. Thanks to these cameras and our accompanying software system M³ (Macq Mobility Manager), we can for example check certain things pretty easily, such as:

-        Check on transit times

-        Control of rights of way

-        Restrictions during peak hours

-        Timed truck zones

In order to complete the circle, we started a partnership with InTouch. They take a lot of work out of the hands of cities, municipalities and police zones, by taking care of enforcing and processing MAS fines, among other things.

This solution ensures that cities & municipalities can focus their attention other urgent matters.

On Thursday 3 September, Macq will organise a webinar where we will dive deeper into this subject. Interested? Subscribe to our mailinglist by sending an email to and you’ll receive all information.

See you then!