The all-in-one Doppler based radar solution

                          The CAM G3+ is the latest solution we offer for the detection of spot speed . It combines a high-end ANPR solution together with and advanced and integrated Doppler  radar , that can operate over 2 lanes simultaneously. Due to the integrated radar this is solution is perfect for multiple solutions as for example:  

                          - Spot Speed Detection / Enforcement
                          - Red Lights Detection / Enforcement
                          - High Accurate Counting / Vehicle Classification


                          High Performance

                          Up to 99% speed accuracy detection due to the integrated Doppler radar

                          Monitoring up to 2 Lanes

                          ANPR up to 2 lanes at speeds of 250 km/h speed) & 50m (distance)

                          All-in-one Package

                          Speed detection & ANPR 

                          High Quality & Flexibility

                          Customization realizable, as 100%
                          in-house product development

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