Allowing you to automatically monitor carpooling lanes thanks to our CAM 5 technology

The solution consists of two CAM 5 cameras placed in such a way that the passengers in the front and rear seats are recognized. One camera is positioned at an angle to the carpool lane and the other camera is positioned perpendicular to the carpool lane. This arrangement of both cameras allows a general view of the vehicle interior.

The special feature of this solution is that the cameras are equipped with polarization filters specially developed for this application, so that it is possible to see into the vehicle interior even in difficult lighting conditions. In this way, for example, obstructive light reflections can be avoided.

The AI embedded in the camera recognizes the passengers in a vehicle thanks to face recognition. Our solution counts the passengers only once by tracking the passengers on all images and merging the data from both cameras according to our highly complex "data fusion" algorithm. This avoids double counting of passengers, as the solution is able to detect the exact position of each passenger in the vehicle.

High Resolution

Up to 12 MP, 35.7 FPS
Capability of monitoring up to 4 lanes

Powerful Hardware

Equipped with a motorized arm,
Wi-Fi module & 4G module

Embedded AI

Detection of all parameters of
vehicles, persons & objects

High Quality & Flexibility

Customization realizable, as 100%
in-house product development

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