Improving road safety by tracking dangerous goods vehicles and being able to intervene at any time

Dangerous goods solutions automatically recognize the mandatory signs on vehicles transporting dangerous goods. The purpose of detection is to monitor a road section by knowing the dangerous goods content and the number of detected dangerous goods vehicles per section.

To reduce the risk of disasters in cities and on roads with high traffic density, such as in tunnels, the EU is seeking to implement regulations restricting access for vehicles transporting dangerous goods. In many areas, vehicles transporting such substances are already banned, for example in urban tunnels, which are areas of increased risk.

Real-time warnings can be programmed or emergency procedures can be triggered when dangerous goods signs are detected. At the same time, local authorities can decide to intercept these vehicles quickly and impose heavy fines in the event of infringements of the regulations. And last but not least, it is possible to control how many vehicles are allowed to enter the defined road section. A message can be displayed on a VMS to limit the entry of further vehicles.