Innovation Lab 09/06/2023

Shaping the future of innovation for next century!

Shaping the future of innovation for the next century

After an absence of 3 years, we're back with another edition of our well-known Innovation Lab!

The Innovation Lab brings together Policymakers, Researchers and Mobility Experts to debate and shape the future of research & innovation in smart mobility.

We assembled the agenda with great care, including presentations from innovators such as Instituut voor Mobiliteit (Universiteit Hasselt), Mobilise (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), VIAS as well as several departments from Macq.


We've had some interesting presentations & topics that were presented during the innovation lab. 

François Macq (Macq) ​- Already 100 years of Macq

Prof. Wim Ectors (Uhasselt - imob) ​- Automatic proactive road safety evaluation based on traffic conflict observation

Julien Demori (Macq) ​- Monitoring of railroad crossings

Richard Arndt (Rialgo realtime systems & BVST) ​- Autonomous Driving: Vision, legal framework conditions, required intelligent infrastructure & lessons lea ​rned​

Naomi Wardenier (VIAS) ​- The national road side survey on speeding

Jean-François Delplace (Macq) ​- Introducing the data solutions from Macq

Dr. Imre Keseru (VUB-mobilise) ​- The digitalisation of Mobility: Making sure that everyone has access

Jean-François Coppieters & Christoph Staudt (Macq) ​- What's next?