Explore Our Highlights from Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024 

Welcome to Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024, where the future of Smart Mobility unfolds before your eyes.

At this year's conference, Macq stands at the forefront, showcasing our latest advancements in smart mobility. With a rich legacy of pioneering technologies and a commitment to driving positive change, Macq invites you to explore our stand and experience first hand the cutting-edge solutions that are revolutionizing the way we move.

From intelligent traffic management systems to advanced vehicle detection technologies, our offerings are designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in urban environments. Whether you're a transportation professional, a policymaker, or an industry enthusiast, a visit to Macq's stand is an opportunity to engage with the future of mobility and discover how our solutions can transform your city's transportation landscape.

Join us at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024 and be part of the journey towards smarter, greener, and more connected cities. Visit Macq's stand and let's shape the future of mobility together. You'll maybe even win a weekend getaway! Anyhow, no one is leaving our stand without a fully branded Macq goodie bag

Get to know more about the Events on the Macq booth nr. 5.226

Tue 16th of April - 11:00 o'clock

Blacklist on Steroids and Speed Section Controllers 

Our section control system has led to a remarkable 90% reduction in speeding violations within three months, highlighting its effectiveness in promoting safer driving behaviours. 

Join us on April 16th for a presentation delving into the key parameters behind our system's success and unveiling the concept of a "blacklist on steroids" to revolutionize traffic management strategies.

Did you miss our presentation? Don't worry, you can download it here: 

Wed 17th of April - 11:00 o'clock

A new generation of Dashboards: Revolutionizing Traffic Management!

Our comprehensive solution empowers traffic authorities and policymakers with real-time data analysis and statistical assessments for informed decision-making. Collaborating with a top traffic institute, we introduce the latest generation of intuitive traffic dashboards tailored to your needs, offering actionable insights for effective strategies. 

Join us on April 17th to experience the future of traffic management first-hand and navigate towards safer, more efficient roads.

Did you miss our presentation? Don't worry, you can download it here: 

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Intertraffic Highlight: A glimpse of the Macq stand during the previous Intertraffic edition a couple of years ago!