Road traffic data processing

The Trademex project is a large-scale mobility project with the Walloon region. The stakeholders concerned are the SOFICO, responsible for the road maintenance in the Walloon region, and SPW, the public service responsible for mobility in the Walloon region. Macq, together with other consortium partners, are responsible for delivering ANPR cameras equipped with radar as well as a redundant cluster of M3 systems that produce accurate traffic data on the Walloon road network.

The data science team of Macq is responsible for the machine learning algorithm that produces traffic data based on heterogeneous data sources. The goal is to produce accurate counts and speeds on every road segment of the network at a granularity of five minutes, even on places that are not equipped with any physical sensor. The challenge for the team consisted in utilising all available data sources, such as traffic cameras, inductive counting loops and several sources of floating car data, to complete the information on the 42.000 road segments of the Walloon region.