Make your roads safer by creating effective speed measures based on the analysis of average vehicle speeds detected by ANPR cameras*

Traffic safety is a major priority for policy makers worldwide. Installing Speed Control Zones to limit speeding has become a popular measure to improve traffic safety. However can policy makers really measure the impact of the Speed Control Zones on the drivers behaviour?
The Speed Control Zones Map provides clear evidence for evaluating the impact of speed control zones on drivers' behaviour. Filter traffic data for specific days, hours and speeds of vehicles by clicking in the calendar and in the charts. Compare multiple speed control zones.

  • View and select speed control zones on the map

  • Speed Profile chart allows filtering based on the average speed of vehicles

  • Selection of specific date (or multiple) in the calendar

  • Selection of day(s) and hour(s) in the charts

  • Compare data for multiple speed control zones

* see the Spot & Average Speed module