QCAM3 - The Green One

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High Resolution
5 MP,  capability of monitoring
up to 2 lanes
Powerful Hardware
Equipped with a motorized lens
Wi-Fi module & 4G module, or 5G on demand
 Embedded AI
Detection of all parameters
of vehicles, including type detection (Make & Model recognition)
High Quality & Flexibility
Customization realizable, as 100%
in-house product development

Get the best results with the QCAM3

Integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies (deep learning-based algorithms), the QCAM3 ANPR camera delivers unprecedented number plate recognition capabilities. Additionally, its outstanding image resolution and a unique set of functionalities designated to provide further vehicle characterization makes this product the “best in class” within its category.

The QCAM3 camera can operate on 2 lanes and is able to differentiate all types of vehicles (e.g. cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, trailers, etc.). Let's not forget about one of the biggest advantages of the QCAM3: the motorized lens that allows us to adapt the focus remotely

Moreover, it also integrates in option a “Make & Model” recognition feature, as well as a “vehicle color” characterization. Both features are invaluable in finding vehicles and closing the current gap in similar product offerings, as these features, when available, typically require additional hardware and software.

The QCAM3 camera is also able to calculate an instantaneous speed estimate for each vehicle travelling within its field of view.

The whole QCAM3 camera technology is embedded in a small footprint - but well-designed - housing that discretely blends into urban environments. All details have been carefully thought and engineered to facilitate its installation and deployment: a miniaturized motorization within the support arm allows remote alignment, removing the burden of relying on an aerial lift truck for final mechanical setup.




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