Designed to help police forces, town hall workers and carpark managers all over the world.

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Less than 400MB required
to be able to install the application on your phone, 1 license per phone 

Works Offline
Thanks to embedded recognition & local blacklist-copy. Data is accumulated and send to server when internet is connected.

Effortlessly Deployed
Application very easy to manage, operate & quick to configure.

98%-99% Performance Level
Highly efficient application in terms of plate detection accuracy.

This application is very easy to use and helps the user to know in real-time the number plate, the country, the make, and model of the car, the color of the car (under certain acceptable lighting conditions).

Software upgrades are available once per year. The Smart phone application connects with the M³ (Macq Mobility Manager) cloud-based software platform providing data storage and real-time information. It is not only possible just to take a photo of every single car you may encounter and read the number plate but also to analyze video in real-time.

Any blacklisted vehicle may be displayed in real-time, any vehicle that the user might want to blacklist shall be recorded real-time in the cloud.

The software package can be sold as a service




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