Traffic Analysis while Sustaining Privacy with Artificial Intelligence for Recognition
photography of two cars inside building

TASPAIR is a Eurostars collaboration project between the Dutch company ViNotion and Macq.

A real-time sensor system to register all details of traffic in cities and national roads. We deliver an intelligent sensor that recognizes the vehicles license plate, their speed, type, brand, model, colour, behaviour, etc. The image sensors, the image analysis and the infrared lighting will be embedded in a single casing so that only the low-bandwidth traffic information needs to be transmitted without the need for streaming video. The combination of new state of the art hard- and software will make a breakthrough in make and model recognition in all circumstances using Deep Learning / Convolutional Neural Networks while maintaining traditional ANPR product features. In this joint initiative of Macq and the Dutch company ViNotion both partners have complementary skills and home markets.

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Funding by Eurostars (EUREKA)

Partner : VINotion

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