Increasing the quality of life through permanent or temporary vehicle-free zones

Restricted Traffic Zone solutions manage and monitor the access of vehicles to a specific urban area, permanently or at specific times or hours of the day. For instance, priority vehicles (police, ambulances, fire trucks, etc.) can always get access to a restricted urban area in a city, without being reported as a violation candidate. Taxis or drivers with special permissions (e.g. handicapped people) could be allowed in a traffic restricted medieval city center, whereas normal cars are restricted. Public transportation (e.g. buses) could be allowed in a tunnel, whereas trucks with dangerous goods are not allowed.

Furthermore, it is possible to define exceptions, so that some vehicles can still enter certain areas even if they do not comply with the restrictions (white list). Or, one can program certain (recurring) events in a city center (e.g. market day, festivals, ...) during which special permissions are needed to enter certain areas. Garbage trucks that enter only during certain days, trucks that can only enter for loading and unloading during certain hours of the day, etc.

A great advantage of this solution is that the installed ANPR camera network can be used for endless other smart mobility applications. The use of the cameras can therefore be designed very flexibly in order to meet also changing customer requirements.