Securing and monitoring road traffic around schools to provide the highest possible protection for our children.

A study by the independent Belgian Road Safety Intitute Vias shows that 78% of all accidents involving children and occuring during school hours occur within 300m of the school, and 5% in the school-specific 30 km/h zone. So, it is important to continue working on increasing the safety of children around schools.

Speed is the risk factor that weighs most heavily on the severity of injuries. But there are also other factors that influence the risk of accidents. For example, using a mobile phone while driving increases the reaction time by 30 to 70% and, consequently, the braking distance.     

We offer a solutions that aims to minimize this risk of accidents and drastically increase safety around schools. Thanks to our intelligent cameras, environmental sensor and our powerful M³ software, which centralizes all relevant data and manages variable message signs in real time, we can offer you a wide range of measures.

As we at Macq are very eager to help you protecting school children by increasing their safety, we are really looking forward speaking about your project and designing a solution tailored to your specific situation.

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