WEBINAR - Our Mobility Portal in Namur

Think about a city where all inhabitants and tourists have access to a centralized mobility platform where they can find all realtime data about the current traffic & congestion situations. Throughout that same city, information can be found about the status of all public transportations, parking spaces, bikes, cycling & mobility infrastructures.

How much more efficient would you get around in the city now that you know every detail about the traffic situations and available public transportations? That’s right, a lot more efficient ofcourse !

The City of Namur has decided to face the challenges of mobility and to equip itself with an Intelligent Transport System (ITS). During this webinar it will get more clear how ITS will strengthen the City's mobility strategy by providing reliable data across all modes of transportation. It will also enable the city to guide user behaviour and provide better multimodal accessibility.

Topics we will cover during this Live webinar:

• The importance & efficiency of an ITS
When & how did we complete the ITS project in the City of Namur?
• The final results with a demonstration of the ITS Mobility Portal

Watch the full webinar here!


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