WEBINAR - Trajectory control-as-a-Service (TaaS) (NL)

We can all agree: road safety around schools and in built-up areas must be increased. Nothing beats the safety of our offspring.
As of February 1, 2021, cities and towns will have the authority to issue GAS fines for those who drive too fast in a 30 or 50 zone. A not insignificant requirement: the violation must be detected by a smart camera. It is also always the offender who pays for the system.

How can you as a municipality organize yourself to increase traffic safety and create extra financial resources for traffic safety?

Some topics that will be covered during this webinar:

• How we can offer the whole package 'as a service'.
How to process GAS & PVs in an efficient and automated manner
• How you, as a municipality, can easily join the 'as a service' model
• How you as a municipality can obtain extra financial resources for traffic safety without incurring too many costs.

We look forward to helping you and your municipality move forward


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