Secure your Smart City with Macq Mobility Manager (M³)

The Smart Mobility & Enforcement platform tailored to your needs. Dive into the world of Big Data, secure et protect your roads and city, reduce pollution, increase your Police efficiency... and so much more.

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Modular & Easy to Implement

Quick and easy configuration of tailored and cost-effective Smart City solutions, installed solutions can be extended retrospectively
Scalable, Reliable & Redundant

Able to process Big Data thanks to a a cluster architecture, data backup guaranteed by replicated data
Open System & State-of-the-Art Technologies

Integration of all third-party devices, databases and API interfaces & use of globally standardized, established and high-end technologies
High access & Data Security

Management of access rights, encryption, anonymisation, partitioning of data to prevent cyber crime

What is M³?

The M³-platform is a powerful software interface package providing ultimate innovative traffic management tools for Smart Cities, Highways and National Police. 

All data retrieved via ANPR cameras or other various equipment in the field help to provide all sorts of important information to be able to perform efficient traffic management.

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M³ for Police​

Increase the protection of citizens significantly.

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M³ for Cities, Roads & Highways

Transform existing infrastructure into future oriented public areas.

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M³ for Schools

The first complete integrated solution to ensure the protection and saftey of your children around schools.

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M³ for Environmental Solutions

Tackle the traffic related environmental health issue globally. Improve the air quality in your city.

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M³ for Analytics & Statistics

Get insights into mobility and automatically generate decision-relevant statistics and reports.

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Macq Mobility Manager