NextPerception: A great success!
16 March, 2023 by
NextPerception: A great success!
MACQ S.A./N.V., BAUDRY Nathalie

Industrial robots are widely used in industries with repetitive tasks (such as car manufacturing) and are kept separate from operators to ensure safety. To ensure smooth operation, operators must be able to access the robot without compromising safety. Various safety measures such as fences with gates, light curtains, and safety mats are used to prevent both human and non-human interaction with the robot.
In the NextPerception project we had a cross pollination use case with Smart Robotics with their order picking co-robot (collaborative robot).

For this case, the Macq QCAM5 camera with an 8mm lens was connected to the control unit of the robot system. When a human is detected in the region of interest, the camera system informs the robot control unit, which causes the robot to reduce its speed quickly in order to remain safe for the human. This ensures safety for the operator while allowing optimal operation.
The goal of this use case is to prove the working of a new safety measure in different scenarios. We’re happy to say we succeeded gracefully – watch the video if you’re curious to know more!
Note: This project resorts under the ECSEL joint undertaking and is co-funded by the EU H2020 programme under grant agreement 876487 and national funding agencies in Belgium, Czech republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain.

Watch the video here

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