Our highly reliable solution for dynamic traffic management at intersections

We develop, program, install and maintain remote control systems for traffic light signals at intersections. We have been working for over twenty-five years with partners such as the Walloon Region and various cities in Belgium. Whether on the road network, waterways or public transport, the number of our systems is constantly increasing. Thanks to the quality of our installations, we are able to offer you a full 2-year guarantee. This includes preventive maintenance, maintenance with 24/7 interventions and remote maintenance.

From needs analysis to installation and maintenance, we offer a truly comprehensive solution for intersection management. Furthermore, we guarantee full compliance with current legislation, regardless of where we install our traffic light controllers for intersections, including environmental conformity.

High Flexibility

Wide selection of designs and applications available, including signals for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, etc.

Smart Timing

Intelligent cameras electromagnetic loops thermal cameras  and magnetic field detectors regulate the timing of the traffic lights according to traffic conditions


Compatible with all types of centralized traffic control and/or remote control systems, UTC synchronized, real time error detection.

High Reliability & Legislative Compliance

More than 25 years of experience, more than 1200 installations, CE certified