Make your city greener and its communities healthier by automatically monitoring compliance with local driving ban regulations.

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The air in the biggest cities is often exposed to pollution. Road traffic is responsible for a large proportion of such a situation. To meet the EU Air Quality standards, many cities are considering adopting LEZ programs.

The purpose of Low Emission Zone solutions is to allow only environmentally friendly vehicles to enter a given urban area for reasons of air quality, health and general well-being. In order to ensure the compliance of the vehicles moving within this area to the actual environmental restrictions, intelligent cameras recognize the vehicles, check instantaneously and automatically their environmental footprint by retrieving the corresponding information from a centralized vehicle registration database and finally decide if the vehicles are allowed to move in the given urban area or not. In this way, the user is able to immediately see in a candidate list all vehicles violating the applicable restrictions and to take appropriate sanction measures.

The access to a Low Emission Zone is restricted to certain vehicles, permanently or during certain periods or hours of the day. Furthermore, it is possible to define exceptions, so that some vehicles can still enter certain areas even if they do not comply with the restrictions (white lists).

A great advantage of this solution is that the installed intelligent camera network can be used for endless other smart mobility applications. The use of the cameras can therefore be designed very flexibly in order to meet also changing needs.



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For the LEZ application we advise the use of our QCAM5. Click the button below to get all the information you need.

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