M³ for Analytics & Statistics: analyse your roads and cities data to optimize traffic

Based on real-time data, our powerful software platform provides you with useful insights to optimize mobility and generates decision-relevant statistics, analytics and reports for your roads and cities.

Macq has created an ‘open community’ where all stakeholders can meet, ranging from traffic experts and analysts (universities, governmental policy & decision makers, etc.), over dedicated M³ module designers and programmers (engineers, software developers) up to our most demanding end-users. As such, the parties share and combine their needs, expert knowledge and results to extensively use and constantly improve the already existing, powerful analytical and statistical data modules of the M³.

The "M³ for Analytics & Statistics" platform is perfectly equipped for:

  • Identifying (ANPR), recognizing (make, model, color) and classifying all kind of vehicles (heavy/light duty traffic, trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.)

  • Counting all kind of vehicles

  • Creating ‘Origin-Destination’ matrices of all vehicles in designated areas, e.g. intersections

  • Measuring travel time of vehicles

  • And many more (tailored applications at your specific request)


 M³ Brochure


Modular & Easy to Implement

Quick and easy configuration of tailored and cost-effective customer solutions, installed solutions can be extended retrospectively

Scalable, Reliable & Redundant

Able to process Big Data thanks to a cluster architecture, data backup guaranteed by replicated data

Open System & State-of-the-Art Technologies

Integration of all third-party devices, databases and API interfaces & use of globally standardized, established and high-end technologies 

High Access & Data Security

Management of access rights, encryption, anonymisation, partitioning of data to prevent cyber crime