Making roads safer by implementing and monitoring overtaking bans

Overtaking is the act of a vehicle passing another, slower moving vehicle travelling in the same direction on a road. Overtaking solutions serve to enforce an overtaking ban on a road section. 

An ANPR system is placed at two different locations on a road section. The system records each vehicle with its license plate, time stamp and an overview image. If a particular vehicle A is detected at the first detection point with a time stamp greater than the time stamp of vehicle B and at the second point with a time stamp lower than the time stamp of vehicle B, then vehicle A has overtaken on this road section.

Usually a driving time is configured in the system that a vehicle needs to drive directly from one point to another without stopping. Only vehicles that are faster than this time are taken into account in the detection of violations, both for the overtaking vehicle and for the overtaken vehicle. If vehicles are slower than this time, they are assumed to have stopped en route.

This module can be used for all vehicles or only for trucks. In addition, different times can be configured for different types of vehicles. 

If this module is only used for trucks, it can also be configured to work only in rainy weather. Rain is detected thanks to a rain sensor connected to the ANPR system. The system monitors the rain at both points of the road section and detects an injury only in case of continuous rain at both points during the entire course of the overtaking vehicle. A grace period can be configured to detect an injury only if the rain has already started a certain time ago.