The SINTRA Project

SINTRA is an open data-streaming AI platform that facilitates cross-coordination & cross-organizational interoperability in order to ensures trustworthiness in the safety and security monitoring.


SINTRA is an upcoming ITEA project poised to revolutionize the protection of critical infrastructure. As we embark on this journey, SINTRA aims to enhance resilience by creating an open data-streaming AI platform.

Through advanced multi-modal sensing and AI analysis, it will offer a comprehensive view of safety and security, enabling stakeholders to proactively detect and respond to complex anomalies. SINTRA project is contributing to a more secure and interconnected future.

The SINTRA project aims to deliver an open platform that enables cross-organizational interoperability and ensures trustworthiness in the safety and security monitoring. The platform facilitates cross-coordination between involved stakeholders, aids information sharing, management, and analysis from the public and private security operators, thereby enabling global situational awareness in the infrastructure threats.


Technology-wise, the project envisions a significant step beyond the state-of-the-art by the synthesis of innovative multi-modal sensing & AI-powered combined data analysis. Incorporation and fusion of acoustic, visual, radar, multispectral, LiDAR, ToF or environmental sensor modalities together with already existing data sources (police data, logistic timetables, social media data) helps to obtain a multi-faceted, comprehensive view on the security/safety of the infrastructure situation.


The consortium is composed of partners from six countries: The Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, and Germany. The benefits of the SINTRA platform will be demonstrated on several critical infrastructure types of end-users: logistic hubs (Port of Moerdijk), airports, harbors, construction sites, shopping centers and road networks.

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