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Tackle the traffic related environmental health issue globally. 
Improve the air quality in your city.


Innovative cities have already deployed measures to improve both the Quality of Life and the Health of their citizens, by reducing air pollution created by traffic. At the same time, by discouraging heavy duty traffic, they significantly improved the Safety and Urban Living Atmosphere in the heart of their city centers.

Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is an urban area where the most polluting vehicles are banned (or at least their entry is discouraged financially by toll or fines). Vehicle emissions are classified by European Standards. Before traveling to the LEZ area, a driver must therefore find out if his vehicle complies with the standards. Typically, older cars, buses or trucks will not comply.


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Modular & Easy to Implement

Quick & easy configuration of tailored and cost-effective customer solutions, installed solutions can be extended retrospectively
Scalable, Reliable & Redundant

Able to process Big Data thanks to a cluster architecture, data backup guaranteed by replicated data
Open System & State-of-the-Art Technologies

Integration of all third-party devices, databases and API interfaces & use of globally standardized, established and high-end technologies
High Access & Data Security

Management of access rights, encryptionanonymisation, partitioning of data to prevent cyber crime


Driving towards greener & healthier cities

Low Emission Zone

Be able to recognize unauthorized vehicles which enter a specific Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and take the appropriate sanction measures immediately.

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Our highly reliable air quality, rain and noise sensor enables you to better understand your environment.

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Our QSENSE-Crowd makes it possible to detect the number of people in a given area or sub-area, based on wi-fi technology.

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