Police & Schools

Reduce Speed Violations to improve people safety.

Reduce speeding in sensitive areas, roads, city-centres & around schools with our Speed Section Control Radar systems. Define monitored zones and control them automatically with our latest generation QCAM cameras & our exclusive technologies.

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Included in Starter Kit:

2x ​QCAM5

Speed Section Control module M³

M³ Platform

What is a Speed Section Control?

​ Enhance road safety and save lives with Speed Section Control, the ultimate solution designed to curb speeding and promote responsible driving behaviors. Developed for police, government agencies and authorities, this comprehensive starter kit empowers you to take proactive measures in reducing speed on roads and highways, fostering safer environments for all.

Unlike traditional speed enforcement methods that rely on instant speeding detection, Speed Section Control offers a more effective and sustainable approach. By implementing average speed monitoring over designated sections, drivers are incentivized to maintain consistent speeds throughout their journey, rather than simply slowing down temporarily when approaching a speed camera.

The advantages of Speed Section Control are manifold. With our all-inclusive starter kit, you receive everything you need to deploy and manage speed monitoring operations with ease and efficiency. From cutting-edge hardware to intuitive software interfaces, we've streamlined the process to ensure seamless implementation and operation.

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Speed Section Control's proven efficiency

Studies have shown that the use of speed section control leads to a significant reduction in speeding violations and overall traffic-related incidents. By encouraging drivers to adhere to speed limits consistently over longer distances, Speed Section Control creates a culture of safety that permeates throughout communities.

At the heart of our solution lies a commitment to innovation and effectiveness. Backed by research and real-world data, Speed Section Control has proven its efficiency in improving road safety and saving lives. With each installation, we contribute to the greater goal of creating roads that are safer, smoother, and more sustainable for everyone.
Join the movement towards safer roads and responsible driving practices with Speed Section Control.

 Contact Us today to learn more about how our solution can benefit your community and make a lasting impact on road safety. Together, let's pave the way to a brighter, safer future for all.

Spot Speed Control & International deployment

Macq also offers Spot Speed Control solutions, so if you want a simpler state-of-the-art fix radar system which incorporates the latest technologies, it's also possible with Macq and our QCAMs advanced ANPR cameras.

You can set up a spot speed control point with a QCAM3 or QCAM5 depending on the characteristics of your roads. Contact us directly and ask for Spot Speed Control.

International Deployment: Macq would like to work with partners all over the world, in Europe but also outside Europe, to achieve new homologations of our advanced systems abroad.

Speed Section Control to protect School zones

Implementing an average speed section system in front of a school is also a practical and effective way to reduce excessive speed and enhance the safety in the area. Unlike traditional speed control, which only regulate speed at a specific point, an average speed section encourages drivers to maintain a consistent speed throughout the designated section of road. This helps create a safer and more predictable traffic environment.

In areas near schools or other pedestrian-heavy zones, maintaining a lower and consistent speed is crucial for children & pedestrians safety. We propose complete solution to answer to this challenge.

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Onepager Speed Section Control module

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Onepager QCAM5 homologated Speed Camera

Get the best equipment with QCAM5: the camera using AI and the latest technologies for reducing speed on the road.

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In two words

​With our revolutionary camera-based section speed control technology and more traditional fixed radar solutions, we're committed to ensuring road safety like never before. But what truly sets us apart are our state-of-the-art QCAM cameras. Our high-end cameras can analyse up to 4 lanes simultaneously and detect speeds of up to 300 km/h, setting a new standard in speed monitoring precision. Plus, we're eager to collaborate internationally, offering our solutions for homologation in various countries, just as we've successfully done in Belgium or LithuaniaPartner with Macq for unparalleled speed control expertise.

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