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Enforce your Kiss & Rides.

Ensure an efficient use of Kiss & Rides by monitoring users' parking duration via the detection of the number plates or and reduce the number of illegally parked cars around your School areas.

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How do Kiss & Ride works?

Macq Kiss & Ride solutions facilitate the efficient monitoring of ​Kiss & Ride areas. However, parents frequently exceed the intended brief stop, lingering in these parking spaces rather than swiftly dropping off their children with a quick kiss and promptly departing.

Double-parked cars can become a problem, causing excessive concentrations of vehicles which can end up completely blocked. This behaviour undermines the purpose of such zones. To address this challenge, our solution offers the possibility to identify road users who stay too long in this zone.

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Kiss & Ride case in detail

During peak morning and evening rush hours, hazardous situations near schools can arise from double-parked cars and cyclists navigating through traffic.

While a Kiss & Ride zone may provide a remedy, its efficacy hinges on correct utilization. Our solution guarantees adherence to maximum parking durations by monitoring each vehicle's stay through ANPR or vehicle detection, offering a GDPR-compliant alternative.

As vehicles approach the time limit, our software alerts drivers via dynamic signs or applications and records violations for subsequent analysis or action. This solution is also adaptable to Kiss & Ride areas permitting extended stays for a fee, akin to those at airports.

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In two words

Macq Kiss & Ride solutions streamline monitoring of these areas, yet lingering parents and double-parked cars disrupt their effectiveness. To combat this, our solution identifies overstaying vehicles, ensuring compliance with parking durations via ANPR or vehicle detection. Dynamic alerts notify drivers nearing the limit, with violations recorded for analysis or action, offering a GDPR-compliant approach. This adaptable solution can also accommodate extended stays for a fee, akin to airport Kiss & Ride areas.

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