WEBINAR - ADR - Carrying Dangerous Goods

According to the "Agreement concerning the international Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road" (ADR), dangerous goods, apart from some excessively dangerous goods, may be transported internationally by road vehicles. Examples include flammable liquids, substances which are explosive, sombustible, self-reactive, infectious, radioactive or toxic.

During this webinar we will give you an insight on how to implement solutions restricting access for hazardous goods vehicles. Real-time alerts can be programmed, or emergency procedures can be triggered. At the same time, local authorities must be able to intercept these vehicles quickly and impose fines in the event of regulation infractions.

Topics we will cover during this webinar:

ADR legislation today
What is the added value of embedded Artificial Intelligence provided for all tunnel and motorway operators?
• How to be able to detect a dangerous goods vehicle in tunnels and what it might be carrying?
• How to be able to detect the type of chemical product being transported but also detect empty plates


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