The intelligent camera for automatic number plate recognition

The ICAR CAM G3 Double Lane camera is an advanced ANPR camera capable of detecting and reading plates of vehicles circulating over 2 lanes simultaneously.

It can also be equipped with an additional color sensor in order to deliver high quality, color, overview pictures of the scene.

Its high resolution ANPR sensor integrates "Hyper Light Dynamic CMOS" technology which ensures unprecedented reading performances, even on reflective and overexposed plates.

This high-end ANPR camera can operate in all weather conditions and has been validated against vehicle speeds up to 250 km/h.


 QCAM G3 Datasheet

High Accuracy

High ANPR & classification accuracy  
with 1.3MP resolution 

Monitoring up to 2 Lanes

ANPR up to 2 lanes at speeds of 250 km/h speed) & 50m (distance)

High Energy Efficiency

Only 15W (incl. IR LED flash)

High Quality & Flexibility

Customization realizable, as 100%
in-house product development