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The Macq Mobility Manager Platform

Macq Mobility Manager (M³) is our cutting-edge software interface, which redefines traffic management for Smart Cities, Highways, and National Police. Its modular design ensures quick, cost-effective solutions that can be extended later. Macq offers a number of analysis modules that you can choose to add at any time in M³ depending your requirements.

With a scalable cluster architecture, our Macq Mobility Manager processes Big Data efficiently, and data is securely backed up. M³ seamlessly integrates with third-party devices, databases, and APIs, using state-of-the-art technologies.

It prioritizes data security, managing access rights and employing encryption to prevent cybercrime. Experience the future of traffic management right now with M³!

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QCAM-APP, simply scan and connect.

Our mobile app QCAM-APP was designed to help Police forces, local authority employees and car park managers around the world. 

QCAM-APP is very easy to use and helps the user to know in real-time the number plate, the country, the make, and model of the car, the colour of the car (under certain acceptable lighting conditions).

 connects with the M³ (Macq Mobility Manager) cloud-based software platform providing data storage and real-time information.

QCAM-APP connects with the M³ (Macq Mobility Manager) cloud-based software platform providing data storage and real-time information.

Minimal phone requirements:

  • Processor OCTO-CORE 1,8 GHZ
  • RAM 4Go
  • Flash 32Go
  • Resolution 18:9, 1440x720 HD+
  • Brightness 450 cd/m²
  • Minimal space to install: 1Go
  • Android 10

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