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Create more liveable, accessible and safe environments, by detecting congestion, tackling cut-through traffic and managing traffic in real-time, based on the mobility insights our data solutions provide

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Included in Starter Kit:

2 or 3x ​QCAM3

Counting vehicles Module M³ + Speed

Origin Destination M³ + Rat Running M³ & Mobility Analytics

+ Control VMS & educational radar

How can we improve your traffic flow?

Macq collaborates with cities and road managers to cultivate safer, smoother, and more sustainable environments through our comprehensive suite of smart cameras, software, and data solutions.

Our QCAM cameras can detect congestion by analysing speed, travel time, and traffic density. Moreover, our software can swiftly control variable message signs, alerting drivers and lowering speed limits to enhance safety and prevent rear-end collisions in congested areas.

Additionally, our cameras excel at identifying rat runners based on their travel time along specific routes. All collected data is seamlessly integrated into our mobility dashboard, serving as a powerful policy and communication tool. This dashboard facilitates informed decision-making and enables evaluation of measures, events, and roadworks for continuous improvement.

Macq improved Traffic Flow in Flemish region

The Flemish traffic management centre (Vlaams Verkeer Centrum) based in Antwerp. Macq has installed a large number of systems in this centre to manage tunnels, collect traffic data and monitor the Antwerp ring road.

The Flemish region was looking to increase traffic fluidity & safety in its roads and tunnels. The systems installed by Macq automate equipment operation in Antwerp’s tunnels and ring road. They also collect traffic data and transmit it to the Vlaams Verkeer Centrum. Further, the Flemish region has entrusted Macq to implement a dynamic management system for its major roads surrounding the city of Antwerp. VMS and dynamic signs are managed from the control centre and control traffic flow on a lane by lane basis. It informs drivers of any accidents, traffic jams and roadworks.

Since the implementation of this system on the roads of the Flemish region, clear improvements have been observed in terms of traffic fluidity and driver information.

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Onepager VMS module

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Onepager Origin Destination module

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In two words

Macq partners with cities and road managers to foster safer, smoother, and more sustainable environments using smart cameras and software solutions. Our cameras detect congestion and control variable message signs to improve safety and prevent collisions. They also identify rat runners. Integrated into our mobility dashboard, all data serves as a robust policy and communication tool, facilitating informed decision-making and continuous improvement of measures and roadworks.

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