Automatic inspection of trucks.

Driving towards effective truck behaviour management with Inter-distance control and size & weight measurement.

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​Cloud hosting M³

Dimension Height Measurement M³

Interdistance module M³

Overload Module M³

How to manage and guide the conduct of trucks?

Introducing the next-generation solution for efficient truck management and road safety with our "Truck Control" starter kit! Our cutting-edge software revolutionizes the monitoring of trucking infractions, ensuring compliance and enhancing safety on the road. With state-of-the-art algorithms, our solution accurately detects inter distances between trucks and other vehicles, identifying potential risks and preventing accidents before they occur.

In addition, say goodbye to overloaded trucks with our advanced weight monitoring feature, which alerts operators to instances of excess weight, safeguarding against damage to vehicles and infrastructure. Additionally, our unique capability to detect trucks overtaking in hazardous weather conditions, such as rain, provides unparalleled protection for drivers and other road users.

A complete solution

But that's not all! Our "Truck Control" software now offers precise vehicle dimension measurements, allowing you to ensure compliance with size regulations.

With customizable alerts and real-time reporting, you'll stay informed and in control, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering a culture of safety within your jurisdiction.

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Onepager Interdistance

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Onepager Height Measurement

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In two words

Our cutting-edge Truck Control solution revolutionizes infractions monitoring, accurately detecting inter-vehicle distances and preventing accidents with state-of-the-art algorithms.

Detect overloaded trucks with our advanced weight monitoring feature, while our unique capability to detect overtaking in hazardous weather ensures unparalleled driver and road user protection. With precise vehicle dimension measurements and customizable alerts, stay compliant and foster a safety-focused culture within your jurisdiction.​

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