Punctual control of vehicles.

We offer solutions for setting up permanent checkpoints or for performing targeted punctual  controls  wherever you like.

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Included in Starter Kit:

QCAM APP & Compatible Smartphones

M³ Platform & Search Query Module included

Blacklist Module M³

+ QCAM3 (for Road Checkpoints option)

Police Control: our solution for 

Punctual Control or Checkpoints

​• For Road Checkpoints: For vehicle checks, our high-performance recognition system included in the QCAM3 AI camera will enable you to analyse all the number plates of vehicles travelling on your section in real time. Compared directly with a blacklist, you'll be able to detect wanted vehicles quickly and automatically.

• For Punctual Control: you want to secure temporary events such as festivals or concerts with a totally portable plate recognition system: with our QCAM APP and compatible smartphones you will be able to connect easily with a blacklist to find certain wanted vehicles.

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What is included in our Police Control & Checkpoints solutions

At the core of Checkpoints & Punctual Vehicle Control is a cutting-edge system that enables authorities to conduct efficient and effective vehicle checks at event entrances and throughout the venue. With the ability to perform real-time verifications online or offline, our solution provides unparalleled flexibility and reliability, ensuring seamless operation even in challenging environments. One of the key advantages of Police Control is its capability to cross-reference vehicles against a blacklist of known offenders, enabling authorities to identify and intercept individuals involved in illegal behavior. Whether it's a stolen vehicle or a suspect associated with criminal activity, our solution equips you with the tools to take proactive measures and maintain a secure environment for all attendees.

The "Checkpoints" option of Police Control focuses more on temporary fixed checkpoints. It works in the same way as the other version, but is based more on the use of a QCAM Smart Camera that automatically identifies as many vehicles as you want in a chain.

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Onepager Search Query & Blacklist

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In two words

Enhance police checkpoint operations with our advanced solution, Police Control, designed to provide real-time vehicle monitoring and decision-making capabilities to law enforcement personnel. Whether it's a routine traffic stop or a targeted checkpoint operation, our system equips officers with the tools they need to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. At the heart of Police Control is a sophisticated platform that delivers instant access to critical vehicle information directly to officers' smartphones or tablets. With seamless real-time communication, officers can receive alerts and notifications regarding vehicles of interest, including those associated with illegal behaviour or flagged in a blacklist. Our solution enables officers to make on-the-spot decisions about whether to stop or allow vehicles to pass based on the information received. Police Control empowers officers to prioritize safety and security while maintaining efficient traffic flow.

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