M³ for Cities, Road & Highway

The smart mobility platform which transforms existing infrastructure into future oriented public areas

Quality urban mobility is a key criterion for the success of all other sectors of activity. It not only contributes to the creation of new jobs and businesses, but also contributes greatly to the creation of an attractive environment and atmosphere for the inhabitants.

One of the biggest challenges that large cities (and increasingly small urban centers) face today is the very great variability over time of the demands in terms of mobility (day/night, commuters, public transportation, etc.). This requires the active management and real time distribution of resources, infrastructure and reliable information to travelers.

The "M³ for Cities, Road & Highway" platform is perfectly equipped for:

  • Identifying (ALPR), recognizing (make, model, color) and classifying all kind of vehicles (heavy/light duty traffic, trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.), objects and people

  • Area access monitoring and registration

  • Controlling authorized vehicle access zones (white lists)

  • Controlling permanent restricted traffic zones (e.g. historic city centers, pedestrian areas), or temporary restricted traffic zones (events, festivals, etc.)

  • Securing and monitoring road traffic around schools

  • Controlling of carpooling lanes

  • Managing variable message signs (VMS)

  • Allowing citizens to visualize all mobility related information in a single, centralized place

  • And many more modules (tailored to your specific requirements)


M³ Brochure

Modular & Easy to Implement

Quick and easy configuration of tailored and cost-effective customer solutions, installed solutions can be extended retrospectively

Scalable, Reliable & Redundant

Able to process Big Data thanks to a cluster architecture, data backup guaranteed by replicated data

Open System & State-of-the-Art Technologies

Integration of all third-party devices, databases and API interfaces & use of globally standardized, established and high-end technologies 

High Access & Data Security

Management of access rights, encryption, anonymisation, partitioning of data to prevent cyber crime