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Assess changes in traffic objectively by comparing temporal and spatial data, facilitating informed decision-making for optimized traffic management.

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Counting Vehicles module M³

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Mobility Analytics

What's the importance of measuring the policy impact?

Implementing speed controls or policies in your area is a crucial step towards enhancing road safety and traffic management. But how do you measure their effectiveness? Look no further than Macq, where we offer a wide range of analysis solutions tailored for this purpose.

Our comprehensive suite of tools allows you to monitor and evaluate the real impact of your policies and decisions with a great precision. From analysing real-time traffic data to conducting in-depth statistical assessments, we provide the insights you need to assess the efficiency of your initiatives accurately.

A Big Plus

With Macq analysis solutions, you can make informed decisions, fine-tune strategies, and ensure that your efforts in promoting safer driving habits yield tangible results. Partner with us to drive positive change and create safer roads for everyone.

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Onepager Counting Vehicles module

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Onepager Origin Destination module

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In two words

Implementing speed controls or policies is crucial for road safety, but assessing their effectiveness is equally important. Macq offers tailored analysis solutions to precisely measure the impact of your initiatives. From real-time traffic data analysis to in-depth statistical assessments, our tools provide insights for accurate evaluation. With Macq, make informed decisions, refine strategies, and ensure that efforts to promote safer driving yield tangible results, driving positive change and safer roads for all.

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