- Macq Mobility Manager (M³)

Increase the protection of your citizens significantly. Make mobility easier, road safer & identify risks to investigate and improve security. Equip your Police forces with the last AI & Big Data technologies.


Empowering your investigation with high-end solutions

Being able to automatically identify and register all vehicles that enter or exit a designated area 24/7 and 365 days a year, combined with an easy accessible, powerful database search module is obviously a tremendous added value for law enforcement (police, customs, security agencies) and thus a significant augmentation of inhabitants’ protection.


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Modular & Easy to Implement

Quick & easy configuration of tailored and cost-effective customer solutions, installed solutions can be extended retrospectively
Scalable, Reliable & Redundant

Able to process Big Data thanks to a cluster architecture, data backup guaranteed by replicated data
Open System & State-of-the-Art Technologies

Integration of all third-party devices, databases and API interfaces & use of globally standardized, established and high-end technologies
High Access & Data Security

Management of access rights, encryption, anonymisation, partitioning of data to prevent cyber crime


Compatible with our Macq Mobility Manager (M³)


This well-designed integrated module, comprises a defined list of license plates detected by all the connected cameras in the field to a central server. 

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Vehicle Query

Supporting police authorities in their investigative work by automatically tracking vehicles that are included in a defined observation list.

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Speed Section Control

Contributing to reducing the number of speed offenders. This module measures the average speed between 2 defined route points. 

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Spot Speed

Providing instant vehicle speed using only one ANPR camera at a single point of measurement

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Railway Crossing

Increase the safety at railway crossings by generating real-time information and be able to detect unsafe situations.

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Red Light

The Red Light Solution detects & lists vehicles that pass the traffic light when it's red. 

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Rat Running

Be able to record evidence whenever a driver takes illegal shortcuts, such as closing roads. Start preventing such behaviour!

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With the Overtaking Solution we want to help enforce an overtaking ban on a certain road section.

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Vehicle Height

Measure the height of vehicles in order to prevent dangerous accidents and lower the risk of collateral damages.

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Dangerous Goods 

Automatically recognize the mandatory signs on vehicles transporting dangerous goods. 

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Restricted Traffic Zone​

Be able to manage & monitor the access of vehicles to a specific urban area, permanently or at specific times or hours of the day.

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Enforce vehicles which are not compliant with the vehicle interdistance regulation.  

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Ghost Driver

The Ghost Driver Solution automatically detects vehicles driving in the wrong direction on highways or and one-way road.

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Access Control

Manage & monitor the access of vehicles into a specific urban area, on a permanent basis or during specific dates, times & hours. 

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MMR at Server Level

Be able to detect the mark & model of a certain vehicle using an ANPR-camera.

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